Art Handler is the first publication to make the behind-the-scenes of the art world its focus. We celebrate the day-to-day grind that makes possible art’s rarified and glamorous scene.

Art Handler’s goal is to uncover the inner workings of labor and logistics in the art world—conversations that are too often buried and ignored. Through this lens, the magazine reconsiders the consequences of workers in museums, galleries, and studios, as well as other sites not traditionally considered art spaces. The results form both practical and theoretical perspectives.

Art Handler exposes a series of moments ripe for confrontation on the meaning of culture—and the work of producing it. More than a magazine seeking readers, we are building a platform for an expanded consideration of art culture. This is an invitation.



Recent (2019)

Elephant Magazine

Past (2015-2018)

Garage Magazine
Interview Magazine
The Art Newspaper
Stella Artois
New Labor Forum
The Stranger
Art F City
Art Handling Symposium


Jobs.Art is a new international listings brought to you by Art Handler.


Art Handler’s advertising channel is a space where the language of everyday commerce is open for more than just interpretation. Whether the content comes from users, advertisers, or the magazine itself, the channel offers a realm for unexpected riffs on art culture.

By making this part of our editorial vision we look to confront the conflicts inherent in funding not just a publication but a work of art, an institution, the brand name that takes the place of an artist afloat on the market.

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